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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create the opportunity and environment for women to dedicate themselves full-time to the exploration and expansion of their full potential.


This is accomplished through the technologies of the development of higher states of consciousness as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 


A natural by-product of the effect of women coming together for this purpose is a powerful influence of coherence and nourishing bliss that radiates to our whole world family.


Scientific research has repeatedly validated that when individuals come together in groups to practise these technologies, they create an influence of peace, prosperity and happiness in the world. 


Therefore, groups of the Mother Divine Programme become effective peace creators just by collectively following their simple, but profound, daily routine of life.


In doing something good for themselves they also do something good for the world. It is a win-win situation.

Transcendental Meditation

TM is a simple, natural, effortless technique practised for 15-20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with eyes closed.

During the practice, our mind settles down and experiences a unique state of restful alertness. At the same time, the body gains deep rest.

Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme

The TM-Sidhi programme,

including Yogic Flying, is an advanced aspect of the Transcendental Meditation programme.


It trains the individual to think and act from the level of Transcendental Consciousness, and further accelerates the growth of individual enlightenment and world peace.

Silent and Expanded

Pure Consciousness, or Transcendental Conscious-ness, is the most silent and expanded state of our own awareness.

It is the fundamental field underlying all states of consciousness—waking, dreaming, and sleeping—a field of total inner intelli-gence and all possibilities.

Higher States

Higher states of consciousness are the natural result of refining the nervous system through the practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme. Individuals start to live their full potential.


'Enlightenment is the normal, natural state of health for the body and mind.


'It results from the full development of conscious-ness and depends upon the perfect and harmonious functioning of every part of the body and nervous system.


'When one is using the full potential of the mind and body in this way, every thought and action is spontaneously correct and life-supporting.


'This is life free from suffer-ing, life lived in its full stature and significance.'

 –Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Scientific Research

More than 600 scientific research studies, conducted at over 250 independent universities and research institutes worldwide, confirm the positive effects of TM on the mind, body, behaviour, and society. 



I am a mother of three very energetic children. The silent dynamism that I dipped into repeatedly during my time on Mother Divine has given me the emotional and physical reserves to bring a lot of energy into raising my family, while still maintaining a deep feeling of inner peace and happiness, a sense of deep harmony, which I cultivated on the Mother Divine Programme.

M.S Germany


While I was taking care of my parents for some years, I realized that the Mother Divine Progamme had stabilized a lot of mental and physical strength in me. The expansion of the qualities of love, patience, and compassion supported me in living a happy, fulfilled, and successful life.



The Mother Divine programme has given me the gift of a blissful life. Each day is filled with more and more joy, happiness, and fullness as my experiences of higher states of consciousness are naturally developing. 

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