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The Mother Divine Programme


The Nourishing Power

of bliss

in the world

while you do



for yourself


the luxury of having time to devote to your own

Enliven bliss, peace, joy, and fulfilment
in your life

An ideal preparation

for whatever

you do
in life

Consciousness is a field of all possibilities

a routine
that favors the development of higher states of consciousness


The Mother Divine programme  

is for those single women who have a longer time to focus on research and development in the field of consciousness.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for this programme is three years. This longer time provides an opportunity to research deeply into consciousness as the field of all possibilities, to experience the fine fabrics of one’s own Self-referral, bliss consciousness in a very relaxed but focused way, without any outside concerns.


The daily routine has been specially designed to bring about a rapid unfoldment of the inner fullness of life in Enlightenment through the extended practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programmes, including Yogic Flying, and other advanced techniques of Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness.

I enjoy my life on the Mother Divine programme. I experience my consciousness expanding along with a feeling of inner fulfilment, happiness and bliss.


I feel I am easily living each moment and gaining more and more bliss, enjoying each activity and the beautiful silence that is permeating every day of this life.

It’s so enjoyable being with ladies from many different countries. There is an easy, comfortable, international family feeling. I feel that I nourish the world with my bliss, which is always naturally flowing through me. 


I am very, very grateful for this beautiful chance to be on such an easy and fulfilling path towards full Enlightenment.’ 


D.T. Germany

Higher States

It’s a very precious time to culture the nervous system to experience higher states of consciousness and as a result enliven the nourishing power of bliss in the whole world from the silent unseen level of Nature's functioning to bring invincibility to every nation and peace for our dear world.

We warmly invite you to spend some time on the Mother Divine programme. Women of all ages and from all walks of life are welcome.



Enjoy the luxury of having the freedom and the time to devote to your own well-being.

Whatever you want for your life, this is the perfect preparation to enjoy more success and fulfilment, whether as a mother at home, in your career, or in any other role.



Some continue this research in consciousness as a lifelong profession, while others choose to spend a shorter time.


There are currently groups of the Mother Divine programme in The Netherlands, Switzerland, North America, South America, Thailand, New Zealand, and India.



In some countries it is possible to enroll in a course of study for a BA or MA in the Science of Consciousness while participating in the Mother Divine programme.

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