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The Name
"Mother Divine"


The Name

The expression “Mother Divine” refers to the universal, all-nourishing qualities of nature—bliss, intelligence, creativity, harmony—that exist within everyone and always promote life in the direction of peace and progress.

It is a common experience of being a woman that we have an inherent sense of motherliness towards everyone and everything.  This is our motherly nature, as women.


Boundaries become boundless—awakening of unity

Through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programmes we dip into the limitless sea of our own pure, wakeful consciousness. Day by day, our wakeful consciousness expands to encompass more and more.


With this, the boundaries of individuality, of differences, melt into a boundless awareness where unity, rather than differences, dominates. 


Awaken your most natural state of heart
and mind

As the experience of expanded consciousness grows, we awaken to our most natural state of heart and mind—a very fine state where we enjoy a spontaneous motherly affection for every member of the world’s population.


It is a feeling of cherishing the more than seven billion people of the world as our own children.


A very real sense of protectiveness and concern for the welfare of all life grows, and, just like a mother, we feel a sincere desire to help our world family out of its difficulties and suffering.


How do we do this?

The answer is very simple.  We step from the level of mother to the level of Mother Divine. 


Mother we know to be the creator, the nourisher, the sustainer of the family. When we add Divine to Mother we have the creator, the nourisher, the sustainer of all life.


Where is the experience of Mother Divine located?

That reality of Mother Divine is experienced during our practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme—when our awareness expands and settles into its own peaceful, silent, restful state.


This is the true experience of coming home: a place of rest, of security. In this experience of Transcendental Consciousness we simply feel like a child on the lap of mother—peaceful, safe, secure, fulfilled.


How do we establish

the experience of

Mother Divine? 

Firstly, we need to nourish ourself.  This is our primary requirement.


We must quickly and completely take possession of that which possesses everything else. This is Transcendental Consciousness. We need to establish that all-nourishing level of Transcendental Consciousness as a permanent reality in our life. 


This means we need to deepen our own experience of Transcendental Consciousness so that our every thought, speech, and action is naturally infused with our own holistic reality of Mother Divine.


Only then can we truly nourish the world with love and bliss. 


How to locate
Mother Divine
in our awareness?

Mother Divine is located by transcending our own thinking process while remaining fully awake within ourselves. Deep in the inner core of our own self-referral consciousness is where Mother Divine is located. 


It is from here, the pure reality of Mother Divine located in our own Transcendental Consciousness, that we have the ability to nourish every single individual and every grain of creation.


From the level of Transcendental Consciousness, beyond time and space, the waves of our nourishing bliss simultaneously reach everyone and everything at once.


How to create huge waves of motherly bliss?

In order to have the magnitude of life-sustaining attention needed to create huge waves of powerful motherly bliss in today’s very stressed world, we need to increase the number of individuals practicing Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness and especially increase the numbers of groups like the Mother Divine Programme who dedicate their lives to practicing these coherence and bliss-creating technologies. 

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