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Mother Divine Programme

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‘The golden gate of peace in life is the experience of bliss, and it is easy for everyone to acquire this great glory and live it throughout life.’


— Maharishi, 1963

'The influence that comes from Mother Divine is absolutely beyond description in words. It can only be felt on the reality of awakening.

'So the world is waking up, the world is waking up to a more unified value, more coherent value, more togetherness value, and we give the credit to the life of Mother Divine.'                      

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

31 August 2003, MERU, Holland

TM Women Circles
Matri Mandala

Come together with women in your area to meditate and share knowledge of particular interest to women.


We are funded almost entirely by donations from generous supporters who want to make a worthwhile contribution to world peace.

Join in the Bliss

We think it is the best thing you can do for your own personal development and to create world peace. Join us in any way you can.

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