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Thank you for your generous support of
the Mother Divine Programme

Donation Accounts


Credit Card Payments


The Netherlands
(Tax deductible in The Netherlands)


Stichting VUV

Meijelseweg 10

6089 ND Heibloem

The Netherlands


ING Bank

NL54 INGB 0001126867

The Netherlands

Stichting Matri Mandal


ING Bank

The Netherlands


NL23 INGB 0653219237


Reference: "Inspired by"

 German Bank account
(Tax deductible in Germany)

Maharishi Weltfriedens-Stiftung 

Konto Nr. 4035895502

BLZ 43060967 

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

IBAN:  DE34430609674035895502



“Spende Kohärenzgruppe Heibloem” oder  Seelisberg”

Great Britain
Account name:

Living Potential Foundation

Account no: 67330658
Sort code: 08-92-99


GB52 CPBK 0892 9967 3306 58

The Co-operative bank PO Box 250, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT 

Please give the reference: ‘MD Donation’ without individual name

USA Donations
(Tax deductible in USA)

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How we are funded

We are funded almost entirely by donations from generous supporters who want to make a worthwhile contribution to world peace.


They appreciate the far-reaching value of this professional peace-creating group for their nation and for the world. Maybe you would like to help too?

It doesn't take much. Many giving what they can adds up to significant support.

We warmly invite you to become one of our cherished donors and join us in doing something tangible to create a more peaceful world.

Why people give

Many people who donate report that they experience increased happiness and greater success in life. They feel a sense of fulfilment in contributing to this unique approach to creating peace and prosperity.


The testimonials below will give you a feeling of the positive influence our supporters enjoy in their personal lives from donating to the Mother Divine Programme.

Julia Smarenk, Sweden

Ever since I began supporting the Mother Divine Programme, I have felt an upsurge of positivity in my life. I am sure that this came from doing something to create a more peaceful world. I hope you will be able to welcome more women to your programme very soon.

P.M. England

Since I started sponsoring Mother Divine, I have found that it is a two-way process, good things come to me in unexpected ways.

Emma Brown

Sponsoring someone on Mother Divine is a great joy and privilege. For a working mum like myself who is immersed in a busy family life, I feel connected to Mother Divine by enabling another to be on the programme of deep meditation and silence. I truly feel that I gain more support from my environment, or that I have an extra insurance policy. It’s definitely worth doing.

Philip and Catherine Magnier, Galaway, Ireland

Our family has been supporting the Mother Divine Programme for more than 30 years. As soon as we decided to be regular donors, we felt a tangible influence of good fortune in our lives—like the sun was shining more brightly in our home. We are happy to join with these dedicated ladies to do whatever little we can create a better world for our children.   

Mother Divine Advisory Board: Doris Schmitt-Maisch, Dr. Roman Maisch, Martina Bergmann, Germany Conny Postel, Cretién Jung, Netherlands

For us, it is a great blessing to support the Mother Divine Programme. We feel deeply connected with this group, which not only makes an important contribution to world peace, but has also produced personalities of such maturity and dignity as are rarely found in the world.

They create a culture of togetherness, which is supported by love and mutual respect. With everything they do, the focus is on the nourishing and supporting values. This makes working with them so wonderfully light, effective, and unique.


In a very subtle way, the wonderful qualities that the women of this group have cultivated also have an effect on our daily lives. Contact with them, whether directly or by donating, causes us to experience greater ease and more joy in life. We feel very uplifted and blessed.

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